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Can I do Reformer Pilates if I am pregnant?

Updated: Jun 28

Hell yes! And here's why...

When it comes to exercise and pregnancy we follow the latest ACOG guidelines:

Unfortunately, not everyone has read the latest guideline care/research, so it can become really confusing when you start googling what you can and can't do now that you are pregnant. But, the great news is that the latest guidelines are really empowering for women and we are here to help you understand them simply. 

Providing that you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, exercise guidelines for pregnant women are actually no different from that of the general population. These are:

  • 150-300 minutes of moderate cardio a week (Roughly 20 minutes of moderate cardio per day)

  • 2-3 strength training sessions a week

  • Plus flexibility and neuromotor training (If you do Pilates you do these two without thinking) 

If you are nowhere near meeting these exercise guidelines, don't panic! Get in touch and we can build you up slowly, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at! 

When you attend a class we will follow, and ask you to follow, four simple rules:

1. Stay hydrated and don't get too hot (rest when you need to, open a window, ask for the air con)

2. Avoid fall risks (e.g standing on the reformer)

3. Avoid lying flat on your back for extended periods of time from 20 weeks onwards (we will give you a bolster/find something that works for you) 

4. Maintain comfort

Some additional benefits of continuing exercise: Although additional research is needed, exercise may also reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and caesarean birth. It will also keep those wonderful, feel-good endorphins flowing! 

The simple version of all this? 

Women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to do aerobic and strength exercise before, during and after pregnancy.

Qu: I have Diastasis recti - do crunches make them worse?

Contrary to popular belief, abdominal strengthening, including ab curls, can help reduce diastasis. So if ab curls are something you have been told to avoid, the latest evidence says the opposite! But look, there are many ways to strengthen your core so don't stress, we can find what works for you both physically and mentally. 

Qu: When is it safe to return to exercise postpartum? 

If you had a straightforward birth, you can resume physical activities as soon as you feel up to it. This could be days or weeks after birth. Before returning to class we usually ask you to wait for your 6-week postnatal check to make sure you are medically safe or to ask your obstetric care provider on when it is advisable for you to return to exercise postpartum. 

We will then help you to gradually build back slowly.

Our team are more than capable of empowering you throughout your pregnancy and will offer you modifications as your body changes. They understand the importance of staying strong and active throughout this time and are ready to welcome you with open arms. 

Case study: Meet Eli!

I started at 24 weeks pregnant, came back at 6 weeks.

I was desperately hunting for something to do in my second pregnancy to keep my body moving. Pilates is usually suggested so I started my search for the perfect studio. I'd previously messaged another studio but they'd confirmed that I wasn't able to join group classes due to me being pregnant, but it was suggested that I did 8 weeks of private classes first before being able to join a group with them... I felt anxious at the idea of being treated like there was something 'wrong' with me so I continued my search and found HKôre. Holly welcomed me along and after the first session I felt empowered and excited what my pregnant body could do.

I was always given the correct exercises & alternatives as my pregnancy progressed. My confidence grew as I continued to learn the research backed information from the team.

The teachers and the community were so welcoming, I was empowered and cheered on.

Fancy feeling like Eli?

Drop us a message or give us a call so that we can discuss your needs and give you the right support. 

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