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Reformer pilates guildford surrey circuit classes

Our Classes

From gentle recovery and technique refinement to high-intensity challenges, strength training, and rejuvenating stretches, we cater to all fitness levels and goals. Find the perfect class to kick-start your journey today.

Hkôre: Classic

Our staple reformer Pilates class. It blends classic Pilates exercises with evidence-based movement challenges, enhancing coordination, balance, strength, mobility, and fitness.

HKôre Plus+

A dynamic, hybrid class primarily using the reformer, interspersed with exercises using Pilates ladders and mats. It's designed to boost all aspects of health and fitness, occasionally raising your heart rate.

Hkôre: Strength

Merges strength training with Pilates for quick, effective results. The class focuses on challenging spring settings for no more than 10 repetitions per movement, blending strength and flexibility exercises for a comprehensive workout.

Hkôre: Rebuild

Ideal for those with persistent pain, recovering from an injury, or in need of extra support. This slower-paced class combines mat and reformer Pilates, focusing on functional goals and overall well-being

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